Freelance Experts for Your Recruitment Needs

Pay Only for Results. Focus on Your Business.

Harness the power of freelancers to transform your recruitment process.                                                                                                                        Gain quick access to specialized skills, cost-effective solutions, and unparalleled flexibility.                                                                                  Freelance experts offer fresh perspectives and faster turnaround times, drawing from a global talent pool while reducing overhead costs.           

Embracing freelancers means greater innovation, agility, and success in a competitive market, making it a strategic move for any forward-thinking company

By trusting us with your recruitment, you gain:

A dedicated, skilled, and experienced recruitment partner ready to operate from day one

Access to
our knowledge

Flexibility adjusted to your recruitment needs

High quality,
selected candidates

Faster hiring
Saving time

Our Business
Stand Out From The Rest
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We work with start - up's and small companies

helping them to grow by building recruitment strategies and procedures and optimizing and supporting recruitment actions.

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We support large organizations

by finding suitable candidates and working with in-house recruiters.

More about us


Fifteen years of experience in various areas related to working with clients in the highest standards of customer service, recruitment areas like employer branding, creating strategies facilitating the process, augmenting and building new teams. All this in an international and multilingual environment with the opportunity to look at recruitment from the perspective of a Recruiter, Manager as well as Hiring Manager.  

With eight years of experience in building recruitment strategies, candidate experience, employer branding, and talent management, I have the knowledge how to use recruitment as a tool for business growth. 

As the Founder at Talangeo, I am sharing my knowledge with companies interested in optimizing their recruitment or looking for new employees and overseeing all aspects and standards for our internal recruitment routines.

Our values
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We stay in touch and communicate

consulting on every project is essential to monitor progress and make adjustment if needed.

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We listen

understanding your business is the clue to find the best match for your company.

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We apply the Swedish ''Lagom'' rule

which means we apply just the right amount of knowledge and expertise from different areas, to be most effective.

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We always focus on the solution

working together and striving
to achieve common goals together
with our clients.