5 tips how to recruit without dedicated recourses or a recruitment budget.
How to recruit without dedicated recourses or budget. A 5 - tips recruitment guide.

How to manage the recruitment process in a company without dedicated resources?

In earlier posts we started on the topic of recruitment in startups and small businesses.            Today, some specifics about challenge No. 2, which is recruitment without a recruitment team.

If you as the owner/ CEO of the company  are asking yourself that question you have two options:

  1. Do it by yourself
  2. Outsource this process 

Many organizations will choose the first option and by doing this you need ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Do I and my coworkers have the time to plan and execute recruitment ?
  2. Do we have the expertise and knowledge ?

No, would be probably the answer, maybe with some flexibility on knowledge due to some previous experiences.

Recruitment is time and cost consuming - especially without a strategy so let’s focus today on what you can do to make it as effective as possible with those resources you have.

Start with some planning

Identify and describe your ideal candidate. Determine what skills and, most importantly, character traits they should have.                                                                                                        Do some research on how you want to source candidates for the specific position you are recruiting for - from referrals, job boards, reaching out directly to candidates, using Social Media, etc.                                                                                                                                      Establishing a plan can reduce the cost and time spent selecting candidates.

Focus on your job ad

Present your job in a way that will catch attention and attract candidates right for your organization.                                                                                                                                  Describe the job in detail but keep it clear and essential to assure the candidates will read it entirely. Avoid cliches.                                                                                                                              Include a company presentation, work environment and all the benefits - big and small. Remember that for many people more important then a sport card could be the option to work flexible hours or avoid a lot od unnecessary, long meetings.

Turn everyone in your team into a recruiter

Encourage your coworkers  to share your job posting on their social media and networks.          This further humanizes your company as well as increases exposure.

Design your recruitment process

Set up a process that will be valuable both for you and the candidates.                                          Try to make it compact - avoid long breaks between interviews, stay in touch and give feedback.

If you don’t have time - make time, this should be a priority.

Prepare good interview questions

Find essential questions that will unleash those features you are looking for in a candidate.    Don't waste your valuable time for questions like:

What can you tell me about yourself ?
What are your strengths/weaknesses ?
Why do you want this job?

Make the interview a conversation that will make the candidate use their potential and create answers they didn’t use before instead of replying with a language replica. Make them feel they have learned something about themselves after leaving the interview. 

This will help you reveal information you are looking for in a candidate.

Instead of asking a lot of questions - ask the right ones, like:

How do you define success ?
If you find yourself stuck doing repetitive work, how do you motivate yourself to continue and complete it?
What techniques have you learned or discovered that make your job easier, or make you more productive?