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How to create a compelling employer brand in a startup. 5 basic employer branding actions

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A compelling employer brand will help you to attract more qualified candidates when you need them. Today we present 5 basic EB actions, that will help you to achieve that.

Yet, it’s a complex process that includes anything from ensuring a positive candidate experience to promoting your culture on social media. It’s a continuous and collective effort that requires engagement from many coworkers.

A strong employer brand will have a whole range of positive impact on your organization but let’s focus on the recruitment area here.

Here comes a list of 5 basic EB actions you should consider before you even start recruiting

Find your EVP

Employee value proposition is what your organization stands for. It is the representation of your company values, mission, vision, and culture. It is like showing the inside of your house to attract those people who will feel good inside


Once you have established what you want to present to your future employees, start communicating this through different channels like Social Media, your company’s career page, company profiles, your coworkers Linkedin profiles etc. Show your future candidates why they want to join your organization, before you need them

Engage your employees

Start inside and work together. Your existing employees need to believe in your employer brand strategy, to convince prospective candidates. Having coworkers actively promote your brand and company as a positive place to work can be more powerful than many other methods. Engaging employees in your EB campaigns is crucial because employees have a big power to increase trust in the workplace and attract job seekers.

Type of content valued by candidates:                                                                                Company/office life,                                                                                                                            Why I applied and why I stayed                                                                                                          Coworkers presentation…

Use the full potential of your career page

Your company’s career site is not only for listing job openings. A career site is often your first point of contact with your candidates and it can be a powerful employer branding tool to communicate with candidates even if you are not actively hiring. It should have a singular focus to tell job seekers who you are, your values, why your employees like working there - give job seekers the content and stories they need to make a decision to apply. A well designed career site gives your organization many benefits, here a some of them

Ensure positive candidate experience.

Let’s include this topic here although it could be seen as a separate area. Employer branding doesn't stop once a candidate applies. It is a never ending process, if you want to see results. The recruitment process is a time while you and your candidates get to know each other and after talking to several candidates you as the employer will choose one while many others will be rejected.

The goal is to make ambassadors of all candidates, not only the hired one. By giving valuable feedback, staying in touch, establishing a relation during the process you can ensure that even rejected candidates will have good associations with your company and they will share this opinion and create and increase your potential talent pool.