How to automate Your Recruitment Process
Why is an ATS important?
How to automate your Recruitment Process with the right tools - part.1 ATS
How to automate Your Recruitment Process

How to automate your Recruitment ?

The recruitment process is an essential part of any business, and it can be time-consuming and expensive. Automation can help streamline the process, saving time and money while providing a better experience for potential employees.   

But what tools to choose in order to automate your recruitment process?

We start with an overview on Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)

An ATS is an essential tool for automating your recruitment process and allows you to manage all aspects of the job application process in one place. This includes creating job postings, tracking applicants, scheduling interviews, managing the selection process, managing  GDPR. An ATS can also be integrated with other HR systems such as payroll or employee onboarding software for a seamless experience.

The amount of available systems is enormous, today we present our list with a short overview of features and pricing to give you a key on how to choose the best one for you.

                     The final choice should be based on your needs and budget

What to consider before choosing an ATS  :

  1. what are your recruitment plans 
  2. how many people will use the ATS
  3. what is important for you while using software
  4. what is your main goal with such system ( i.e. automation, GDPR, managing candidate profiles, strengthen your employer brand etc) 


 Our selection is supposed to show you what key you can use while searching for the perfect ATS. 

Take a look at our selection followed by a list of other systems. Features we present apply to the smallest/cheapest plans

Automating your recruitment process is an essential part of any business today, and there are many tools available that can help streamline this process while still providing a great experience for potential employees.                                                                                                          Applicant tracking systems are key for managing the entire job application process in one place, it is the absolute basic and necessary tool to make your recruitment more efficient.

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