Recruitment automation allows you to automate workflows and tasks. This way, your company can increase productivity, reduce cost per hire, and improve the entire recruitment process

The recruitment process is an essential part of any business and, as already mentioned before,  it can be time-consuming and expensive. How automate the process?

In the previous part we discussed Applicant Tracking Systems and contact/email finders, today let’s take a look at the whole process and some extra tips.

Recruitment automation allows you to automate  workflows and tasks.                          This way, your company can increase productivity, reduce cost per hire, and improve the entire recruitment process by focusing on the important parts like candidate quality, candidate experience and building long term talent pools.


                                                              Candidate sourcing:       

  • Use available tools for contacting candidates but keep all the data in your ATS.  
  • Use sourcing plugins that will automatically add your sourced candidate into your ATS. 
  • Create candidate profiles and collect all information about your candidates in one place.


                                                               Pre- pre screening:

  • Include questions at the very beginning of you recruitment journey that result in automatic rejection if candidates give the ‘’wrong’’ yes/no answer. 

For example, ‘are you eligible to work in Poland ? Or ‘ Have you managed a team’

Remember to choose those questions carefully and ask only those questions that are revealing the absolute ‘’must haves’’.  Avoid rejecting candidates based on very strict data, remember the power of potential.

                                                                      Job posting: 

  • Check what possibilities your ATS gives, what job boards it is connected with.    
  • Post vacancies across multiple channels with one click from your ATS  
  • Create a template for your job posts. 

Create bias free job posts: Textio


                                                                   Candidate outreach: 

  • Use email finders  
  • Personalize your cold emails with Quickmail
  • Set reminders in your calendar to send follow up emails / messages
  • Prepare your communications and use templates

                                                                   Interview scheduling:

  • Automate the scheduling process using direct links to your calendar.                                                      Let the candidate choose the time and date based on your availability.  Receive confirmations directly to your calendar
  • Connect your calendar with your ATS or use tools like Calendly.

                                                                 Candidate assessment:

  • Create candidate profiles/cards that you can share with other people involved in the process. Collect all the  candidates evaluations in one place to make a better decision it they are a fit for the position

Automating your recruitment process will shorten the time and make the overall process more effective. It is important to automate where possible, choosing the tools and tasks carefully. 

The goal behind automating is not to shorten the recruitment process but saving time to focus on the candidates instead of administration. Win time for your recruiters and let them do what they should – connect with candidates, build long term talent pools and relations, represent your company and win the best talents for you.