Jak zautomatyzować proces rekrutacyjny część 2: wyszukiwarki kontaktów

Why Automating Your Recruitment Process?                                                                                    Recruitment  is an essential part of any business, and it can be time-consuming and expensive. In the previous part we discussed Applicant Tracking Systems, today let’s take a look at contact finding tools. 

            According to Jobvite, approximately 7 to 10 days are spent sourcing                                                                           talent for one position. 

Recruiters are not hired to spend ⅓ of their time on researching candidate sources, they are hired to engage with candidates and facilitate the recruitment process. 

Check how to shorten time on sourcing.

A contact finder, will shorten the time to find a candidates contact details, verify the data and enable to sort and  export contact lists. Good candidates receive a lot of messages and proposals, try to contact them in a different way.                                                                                That might increase your response rate and bring you closer to your best candidates. Let’s take a look at contact/email finders!

  • Individual email address lookup and verification
  • For small teams looking for a free email address finder for outreach to decision makers
  • Free plan includes 25 free searches and 50 verifications per month
  • Only finds publicly available emails
  • Good for recruiters and Linkedin
  • Free plan but limited
  • No refund for inaccurate info
  • Tailored to recruiting and hiring professionals who need to source qualified candidates   
  • Free plan                             
  • Free Chrome extension that works on LinkedIn and GitHub
  • No accuracy guarantee
  • Massive database: 1.8+ billion profiles 
  • Good for any business looking for the largest database of email and phone contacts to source individual or bulk lists
  • No accuracy guarantee
                                                           Octo HR
  • It’s free and works on github   
  • Overview on the candidates skills       
  • Gives you access to hidden emails on github
                                                     Amazing Hiring
  • For sourcing  Github, Stack Overflow and Kaggle  to find potential candidates who do not have a LinkedIn account    
  • Free Chrome extension
  • Emails, social profiles, and contact numbers finder     
  • No result = no credit spent      
  • Low cost per credit (15 cents)
  • No free plan
                                          Free online X-ray sourcing tool
  • Type in your required skills and location

Summarizing, what are the benefits of using email finders?

  1. Contacting candidates directly can safe you a lot of time, it makes your message visible and stand out from others, which increases your response rate
  2. You can reach candidates without Linkedin profiles or those who do not check their profiles
  3. It enables you to even find phone numbers – if you feel you want to surprise your candidates by calling them – go for it !