the best benefits or working with a recruitment agency. It is worth knowing and understanding the benefits before making a decision.
Why is it worth it?
Top 5 benefits of working with a recruitment agency

What do you gain by working with a boutique recruitment agency?

In many companies, business process outsourcing starts at the very beginning. We outsource accounting, cooparations with marketing agencies and even hire IT specialists to work on projects.

Why?                                                                                                                                                        Because it pays off – by outsourcing we immediately enter into cooperation with experts in a given field.

It is the same in recruitment

However, many companies are still sceptical about working  with external recruitment partners probably because –  with a certain perceptions of agencies – you might not see the full range of benefits of such collaboration.

It is worth knowing and understanding the benefits before making a decision. Below we explain what you gain from working with an external recruitment partner
A recruitment partner who is committed, competent, experienced and ready to work from day one.

The aforementioned expert.

An agency consists of people specialised in recruitment with knowledge, experience and an ongoing interest in the recruitment market. Experts who, once they understand your needs, immediately know what to do – no lengthy induction, no onboarding, no mentoring (we take care of this internally 🙂 )

Experience from a variety of projects and collaborations, will allow our recruiters to understand – easily and quickly – who you are looking for and what type of person will fit into your organisation. 

Recruitment is what we do, everyone who works with us chooses this career path consciously.

Access to our knowledge

We talk to hundreds of people – candidates, Hiring Managers, CEOs, HR Managers or other Recruiters.                                                                                                                                           We know more than you will find in the reports available online.

Tools, automations, ATSs, GDPR – this is our world 🙂 .

Through conversations with us and various collaborations – which don’t have to be limited to presenting a CV – you too will have access to this knowledge over time.

Flexibility to suit your recruitment needs

Let’s say you need to recruit 3 people – great, we recruit together.

  1. Plans change and you go from 3 people to one – we stop recruiting. You come back to us when you need 
  2. Your needs have increased to 7 people – great, we propose a different model of collaboration – e.g. more financially beneficial

Through the range of different solutions we offer, we can adapt to changing recruitment needs and apply the most advantageous solution.

Shortening the recruitment process

The recruitment process cannot be too short because you will not have the chance to get to know the candidate. 

However, it can be shorter for you.

The longest phase of the recruitment process is the sourcing and selection of candidates, by letting us carry out the sourcing, you get already selected candidates for further interviews.

Time and cost savings

Even if there are no dedicated recruiters in your organisation, you can do it yourself – you can read about how to recruit without a recruiter here.

However, recruitment – like any business process – takes time and can cost a lot.

Specifically, how do you calculate the cost of recruitment?

Total cost of recruitment = sum of all costs associated with recruiting / number of recruits recruited.

Obviously, the cost will vary depending on your organisation’s circumstances but it’s good to have a handle on how much recruitment costs in real terms.                                                          What to include in the cost calculation is given below:

In house recruitment

rekrutacja zlecona zewnętrznemu partnerowi

Of course, both an in-house recruitment team and working with an external partner have their advantages for your organisation and can be beneficial without excluding each other.

However, it is good to know the advantages in order to decide what will be most beneficial in your particular case.

If you would like to test our expertise and see if we can help your organisation we would be happy to look at your recruitment completely free of charge!

Make an appointment for an interview, tell us how you recruit.

We’ll analyse your process and suggest changes where possible to increase the efficiency and reduce the cost of your recruitment in line with #recruitbetter.